This is a picture of an egg yolk from that time I tried making fluffy pancakes. The pancakes turned out just okay.

Dear chef or something like that,

How often do you google the recipe for your next dinner, only to land on a discount Martha Stewart’s food blog where you’re made to scroll through endless amounts of SEO content about the joy of fresh ingredients and the high they gave this one person this one time with these other people, basically getting an entire family history shoved down your cortex before finally finding the recipe you were looking for, then end up trying it out and concluding the food is as meh as the writing it made you plough through?

For me, it’s quite often.

If the 2020s are a time where a recipe needs a 2000 word prelude in order to rake in ad revenue, why not make the best of those words?

And when I say the best, I mean the best I can do.

I’m not a bad writer the same way I’m not a bad cook. I can fix up a decent pasta, make soup, bake potatoes, even roast pine seeds, and the end result is almost always something my boyfriend, the pickiest eater I know and someone who gets annoyed when a Michelin star restaurant selects Chardonnay at a wine pairing, eats.

My food is highly edible, sometimes good, often a little meh.

During the day I work as a copywriter for a cybersecurity company. My job is basically to come up with 1001 ways to tell people not to use Welcome123 as a password.
Like my cooking, my writing is digestable if nothing else.

Between my work and my cooking, I mostly go through the day having thoughts about things. So yeah, don’t let the recipes fool you: this is yet another blog from someone with thoughts about things.

I apologize in advance.