It’s not really a blog about food – Peanut butter sandwich


and welcome to my first blog on

It’s my very own cooking blog, because I looked around and figured the world is lacking food blogs. Food blogs that are worth reading that is.

You see, there’s two things I like: cooking and writing.
This I have in common with any other person with a cooking blog.
Of course other people’s recipes are almost always more or less satisfying while reading through their material is a bigger hurdle than Britney trying to get pregnant.

My cooking on the other hand is as inspiring as Rosa Parks taking an Uber while my writing is very, very bearable, at times even decent.

I guess you could say it’s a reverse food blog. Instead of ploughing through endless meanderings on how the smell of fresh basil can lift your spirits or how you can deepfry anything to make your kids eat vegetables, or any other inoffensive but equally boring piece of food-foreplay written only to please the gods of Google, all because you just want to get your hands on a good recipe, I intend to treat you to a pleasant word salad that ends in disaster:

Pictured: not a peanut butter sandwich

Put simply, I like to cook but I kind of suck at it. I also like to write, and according to some – indeed, I’m referring to my mother – I’m actually quite good at it.

The result is a food blog where you come for the food and have someone feed you thoughts.

However, true to fashion I will end every post with a long awaited recipe. So if you read this far, here’s the reward for your efforts:

How to make a peanut butter sandwich

– Peanut butter
– Bread

Fun fact:
In my home country of the Netherlands, peanut butter is actually called ‘peanut cheese’ and both its flavor and texture are quite different from the American stuff.

Anyway, you take a slice of bread and spread peanut butter all over it.

You’re welcome.